3, 258-11 Hillside Ave, Glen Oaks, NY 11004
Namaste Indian Restaurant
3, 258-11 Hillside Ave
Glen Oaks, NY 11004
(718) 343-2800
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Welcome to Namaste Indian Restaurant !!

Indian Restaurant In Glen Oaks, NY

Savor the spice of India at Namaste Authentic Indian Cuisine. Experience the multi-dimensionality of the Indian palate with flavorful dishes like our chili-spiced chutneys, saffron-infused biryani and turmeric-spiced aloo gobi. At Namaste while we adhere to traditional Indian culinary practices, we're happy to offer everything on our menu tailored according to your taste and spice preferences.

'Namaste' is a traditional, respectful form of greeting in Hindu custom, found mainly in India and Nepal. The phrase roughly translates to "I bow to the divine in you".

At Namaste you will find ample opportunities to taste a rich history and culture. A sub-continental sampling of dishes awaits you!

Namaste Indian Cuisine